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My Get started with your book might be for you.

In five modules, I take you from doubt to clarity and we set the foundations of your writing journey so you can get started (or restarted) with confidence. I do live rounds of the course four times a year. Our next round starts on the 14th of May 2018. The course includes a free Facebook group where you can share and bond with other like minded budding authors. This could be what you have been waiting for to get started on the right foot.

We start on the 14th of May 2018, reserve your spot now. Places are limited.

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Course details

Get Started with your Book is a mini course that comprises five modules that walk you through the first five golden steps of how to get started with your book, as described in my free ebook. It is a process that I took years to hone and that has given my clients some wonderful results.

Module 1: Connect to the energy of your book

Module 2: Find out your why

Module 3: Shine a light on your fears

Module 4: Create your Writing Space

Module 5: Create Time for writing

I am thankful for the enormous life changing shift I am experiencing thanks to Ange. I had been unable to write my book but thanks to the course and Ange’s guidance, I have now written well over 50,000 words whereas before meeting her, all I was able to write is poetry. Felicity Griffin Clark | Artist and energy healer at Counterweave Arts


Very few aspiring authors know the building blocks of a good writing journey. Clarity about what the book is about is one of the fundamentals. All too often aspiring authors try to cram too much into their first books. Also, they rarely define the why of their journeys when really, without a strong why, they are likely to give up along the way. The same as in business, if you don’t have a strong why, you cannot sustain the effort it takes to take your business off the ground. There is a high level of commitment that is needed.

By the end of the course you will have a clear topic for your book, a strong why, tools to overcome any fears or doubts that may crop up on the way and you will have established the foundations of your writing routine. This will set you at a 70% chance higher chance of success than most aspiring authors. You will be ready to go.

Thank you Ange for running your course. It is unique and a breath of fresh air! It is challenging my fears and helping me push through to gain clarity to start writing my book. If I had started before this course, I would have been writing from the wrong place energetially. Your guidance is truly precious, Ange. Thank you for showing a different way. Ali Williams-Hogson | Writer at Raw and Completely Beautiful

What you get

There are five teaching modules that I will be doing in the Facebook group where the course is ran at the rate of one per day, usually first thing in the morning. I will leave a period of twelve hours after that FB live for you to watch it and then run another FB live where you can interact with me to ask any questions you may have about that lesson. Each lesson lasts about half an hour (or longer if participants ask questions).

There are PDFs to work on the topics of each day, although not every day. And posts in the group to comment and ask questions ahead of the Q&A session if you cannot attend live. There is a meditation mp3 that you can download and keep. I often do a Q&A with intuitive readings for participants at the end of the course, if there is an interest in it.

The mini course runs from a Monday to a Friday. The first level entry price gives you access only to the live round. If you want to unlimited access to the videos for as long as I am running it (and I don’t plan to discontinue them in the foreseen future), you pay the second level entry price below.

We start on the 14th of May 2018. Reserve your spot now. Places are limited.

Pay for the live round only at £99
Pay for Unlimited Access at £149

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