You don’t have thousands of hours

to waste trying to write your book

Writing a book takes weeks, months even. You don’t want to make it any longer than it should. You have a life. A business. And time is precious.

In this day and age, anyone can publish a book but that does not mean that they should. Your book could make or break your image. You have spent years building your business, you want your book to be an asset and to take your business to the next level. You don’t want people to read it and think “gosh, she cannot write” or “this book is a mess”. That is why hiring a professional is ESSENTIAL.

If you work with me, I will make sure you write your book in the most effective way AND get a top quality end product.

I have published two books myself, one of which signed me an agent. My know-how will help you write a book that SERVES your reputation.

Here’s a few ways we can work together…..


1:1 Sessions


VIP Packages


Group Programmes

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1:1 Session

In one hour, I can help you reach a level of clarity about your book that will ensure the success of your writing journey. One of my clients only needed this one session. In the months that followed our session, she went on a retreat and wrote her book. She was thrilled.

Every session is tailored to every individual client though.

Some clients need clarity on the topic of their books.  But sometimes, clients are set on writing one book when really it’s another book they need to write. As I can read energy, I am able to find out which book is most appropriate for my clients to write at any point in time. And it is wonderful to see their faces after we have had that conversation and they say “this makes so much more sense”.

I have three types of one to one sessions. Kick off your book, Blast your block and The Bigger Picture.  As I said before, however, we will do in sessions exactly what needs to be done, so we might end up doing a chakra cleanse (Yes! This has actually happened to one of my clients and it enabled to clear her block around writing from a past life), a tarot reading or a healing session. I do not know beforehand what will unfold but because I work with Spirit Guides. However, I know that whatever we do will be perfect.

A one hour 1:1 session is an investment of £167. By paying for this session, you accept my terms and conditions of service.

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Not sure whether which session type is best for you?

Start with a half hour one to one session at £100 - pay here! (only available to new clients)

By paying for this session, you accept my terms and conditions of service.

VIP Packages

A one to one session can be life changing but if you really want to ensure that you finish that book and do everything that is needed to promote it, then I would recommend my VIP Package.

It is a three month package that consists of eight sessions.

In the first month, as we are building the foundations of your book, we meet weekly in zoom. All sessions are recorded so that you can get back to them. I also open a Facebook group just for you that I call your sacred space. This enables us to be in touch 24/7 if anything crops up between sessions. Clients have found this to be of real help so they don’t get stuck. It also allows us to share content. Throw ideas around. And keep track of conversations. During the first month, we clarify what your book is about and your why. We create a routine that is tailored to your needs and set goals. And we also have a plan to start promoting your book and building your platform.

The following two months, we meet every other week. This is normally the phase where you will start writing. This is also the phase where fears can crop up.

My VIPs get free access to my signature programme called Free the Writer in You. It is a five module programme that established the foundations of the writing journey and gives tools to deal with fears as they come up. You can find the details of this online programme below.

The investment for my three month VIP package is £1,370. Contact me to book a 20 minute discovery call.

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Not sure whether which session type is best for you?

Start with a half hour one to one session at £100 - pay here! (only available to new clients)

By paying for this session, you accept my terms and conditions of services.

Get started with your book online course

My signature programme, Get started with your book, will take you through the first FIVE steps of the seven golden steps to get started with your book. This is a fun way to explore your book idea before you commit to writing it. It will set the foundations of your writing journey and ensure your success.

Step 1 – Connect to the energy of your book

Step 2 – Understand your why

Step 3 – Shine a light on your fears (and learn how to train your inner dragon)

Step 4 – Create time to write

Step 5 – Create a writing space conducive to creativity

This five module programme, that can be achieved in less than a week, will walk you through each of the steps, with a tutorial video, a PDF and when I do a live round, a Q&A session for each step. I get bored easily so I make sure it is fun, interactive and practical.

This programme comes free for all my VIPs. You can also combine this programme with a one to one session at the start if you are finding it difficult to connect to the energy of your book. This can happen when you are anxious or confused about your book.

Our next round of Free the Writer in You starts on the 14th of May 2018. The investment is £99. By paying for this course, you accept my terms and conditions of service.

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I am thankful for the enormous life changing shift I have experienced thanks to working with Ange. Your worksheets are so helpful. And the meditation has really crystalised things for me. Felicity Griffin Clark

Artist, Counterweave Arts

So much gratitude to the very beautiful Ange de Lumiere. With Ange’s wisdom and support, I’ve been able to start my book. And my business is thriving as I am making this a priority. Isiah McKimmie

Couples Therapist, Sex Therapist, Sexologist + Coach

I did a one to one session with Ange. It was SOOOO fantastic. Genuinely magic. I love it when you encounter someone who downloads “you”. If you need creative alchemy, work with her. Dominique Oyston

Personal confidence and vocal empowerment coach

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