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through your writing journey?

Writing a book takes weeks, months even. You don’t want to make it any longer than it should. You have a successful business and time is precious.

Efficiency is essential to you and you expect your coach to help you with mindset, organisation, implementation and accountability. As you know this book could be emotional, you also want her to hold the space for you and help you work through your mindset issues. 

You want a coach with extensive writing experience  who will truly understand what your book is about and who will believe in you. 

You are in luck. My VIPs get royal treatment. 

My VIP package is a three month commitment and by the end of the three month you could have your first draft in hand. 

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Month One

During the first month of the package, we will have one session per week and I create a secret Facebook group just for you so we can communicate between sessions. Together, we will establish the foundations of your writing journey. First we will get clarity on your book:

  • its topic
  • its genre
  • its structure
  • its format
  • its publishing model

We will also integrate the book project into your general business strategy so that it can boost your business from the moment you start writing it. 


Months Two and Three

In months two and three, we will meet every fortnight. At this stage, we will be diving into the writing part of the process.

In between our calls, you will be able to access me 24/7 (within reason) in a secret Facebook group just for you and me, where you can post any questions in between sessions. In this way, you do not have to wait in between sessions if you have a question or an issue.

If during months two and three you feel the need to have an extra session because you hit a block, you will have priority to book it and will get it at a discounted rate. 

By paying for my VIP Package, you accept  my terms of service


Buy the VIP package at £1,370

At the end of the three months

We assess where you are and whether you need more support. Most of my VIP clients at that stage opt of one of the two following packages:

  • Continue with the “maintenance package” at £402 per month (includes two live sessions per month) for either three or six months
  • Opt for the pure online coaching package that I offer at £111 per month again for three or six months 

I offer great flexibility so if you were to opt for the pure online package and decided a week into it that you actually prefer the maintenance package, you can upgrade at any time. You can also add sessions as and when you need it at a discounted rate. 

By purchasing the Maintenance Package or the Online Package, you accept my terms of service

Book critique

Once you have finished your first draft, you may want me to write a book critique to help you shape your book. This service is not included in your initial three month package and can be purchased by clients other than my VIPs. To clarify, you do not have to have been a VIP client to be able to purchase my book critique package.  

In order to write the book critique report, I will need from you the following:

  • The first three chapters of your book
  • A detailed synopsis and for non fiction book, a detailed structure with a short description for each chapter. A synopsis is normally a one to three page document (it can be more) that describes the story of a book or for a non fiction that maps out the content of the book.

On the basis of that information, I will write a one to two page report where I will give you feedback on your style, delivery, structure and generally, suggest improvements for your book and highlight the areas that need work. Depending on which draft it is you are submitting, the critique could be more general or more specific.

The investment is £447.

By purchasing my Critique Package, you accept my terms of service.

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What you will get

I bring to my practice a wealth of experience ahd skills. 

Although I always say it’s hard to describe a typical session, I can guarantee you that you will get what you need because I work intuitively and I taylor the support I give to my VIPs to their needs, session by session. I do not apply a cookie cutter formula for success. Not only do I draw on my extensive experience as an author, but I work with spirit guides. In particular, a collective of writers who call themselves the Ws. Although I am not usually given the names of the writers who come forward as they do not want to be known, I always get the perfect guidance for my clients. 

I also do energy work such as healing, cord cutting, chakra cleansing and generally work psychically. This is particularly important when my VIPs face a block on their writing journey. 

As a clinical hypnotherapist, I am ideally suited to help my VIPs work on their mindset. Writing a book can bring to the surface all sorts of subconscious fears and doubts. It is in the act of writing that we are able to shine a light on them and clear them. 

Last but not least, I work psychically. This means I can connect to the energy of my VIPs’ books, be shown the bigger picture, including the future success of that book and how it will transform the lives of others. For the VIPs that are open to it, I can also look into the Akashic records of their books, which enables us to see how this book not only fits into their business strategy but also the betterment of the entire world. 



My VIPs get access to my signature online programme called Free the Writer in You. 

This programme comprises five modules that help establish a foundation for the writing journey. More information can be found about my signature online programme on the work with me page. In a nutshell, the programme helps connect to the energy of your book through a guided meditation that you can download and keep, it helps define the why of your book, shine a light on your doubts and fears, and lastly helps you create the time and the space that you need to write your book. 

My VIPs also get my meditation box set for free (available to the public in May). My meditation box set comprises five meditations:

  • Connect to the energy of your book
  • Meditation for writing
  • Connect to your ideal reader
  • Meet the guide that wants to help with your book
  • Getting unstuck

They also get a discounted rate for any extra sessions they want to book in addition to the package. 

 By paying for my VIP Package, you accept my terms of service

Buy my VIP Package at £1,370

what happy clients say

With Ange’s wisdom and support, I have been able to start writing my book this year. It’s both personally and professionally exciting, invigorating and eye opening. I have been wanting to do this for years, but it is only with Ange’s support that I feel I CAN do this. I cannnot recommend Ange highly enough. Isiah McKimmie | Couple therapist, sex therapist, sexologist and coach

I had a session with Ange. I had no idea how the session would go or even what or how my book was going to take shape. After a one hour call, I have a format, a way to write it by dictation, and I have the wisps of a topic that will form as I get it down. We used a combination of intuitive, practical and brainstorming conversation. If you have a book idea but don’t know where to start, speak to Ange first. Jennifer Lang | Voice and Visibility Coach

Your invesment for the first three months is £1,370



By paying for my VIP Package, you accept my terms of service

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I am thankful for the enormous life changing shift I have experienced thanks to working with Ange. Your worksheets are so helpful. And the meditation has really crystalised things for me. Felicity Griffin Clark

Artist, Counterweave Arts

So much gratitude to the very beautiful Ange de Lumiere. With Ange’s wisdom and support, I’ve been able to start my book. And my business is thriving as I am making this a priority. Isiah McKimmie

Couples Therapist, Sex Therapist, Sexologist + Coach

I did a one to one session with Ange. It was SOOOO fantastic. Genuinely magic. I love it when you encounter someone who downloads “you”. If you need creative alchemy, work with her. Dominique Oyston

Personal confidence and vocal empowerment coach

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