Privacy Policy 

Privacy is important. No one wants their precious information stored in someone’s computer, system or third parties websites. Now, I don’t even know if my website uses cookies because I am not a techie, but I need to err on the safe side. So here is my privacy policy. I do not store your information electronically on my computer knowingly. If I was to create a client spreadsheet, I wouldn’t include sensitive information, just the name. 

At this point in my business, the data I process is minimal. I don’t work with big numbers. My business is a niche business that works with a small number of VIP clients and again, a relatively small number of online clients through courses. 

I don’t keep electronic files with information about my clients. I am not systemised yet. Because of that, I am not registered as a data controller. And I have no wish to be. 

The only information flow that is likely to contain your information is if you sign up for my newsletter, which is managed by my mailing provider (and I am sure they make sure their terms are compliant with EU law because I live in the EU and they operate here) and when you purchase a product (that goes through PayPal). There is also, of course, the information gathered through my site by WordPress, my website provider, and Google. This is where I have to recognise how little I know about how these things work. I am not an IT person. I don’t even know how Google analytics work. 

I promise, however, to learn more about these things as I go along and share here with you what I find out so that you can feel confident navigating my site and connecting with me. I am on the case, but be patient with me. I might be a business lawyer but I am not a EU lawyer and my speciality is not IT. I just did joint ventures and mergers and acquisitions. The law is a complex field that I left for a reason. These things really do my head. I would much prefer writing novels and inspirational books. And if you are here, I am guessing, so do you. 

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