No one wants to talk about the fine print…

I am the first one to find it a little uncomfortable. However, if you have explored my website before coming here, you should know by now that I am a reformed business lawyer and I can tell you that legals are what keep both you and me safer. Why?

Legals enable you and me to be clear about what I will do and won’t do. Now, I am not in the US so I won’t bore you with endless pages of gobbledygook. Even when I was a lawyer, I hated those. My eyes would glaze and that was a big problem because I was paid to pay attention.

No my legals are written in plain English (as plain as I can make it – I mean it is still legals). And even if I didn’t want to have them on my website, I don’t live in isolation and there are some guys high up who would slap me on the wrist for not writing them.

I encourage you to read them by clicking on the buttons below. And if you want to use them for your website, feel free. I would love to have helped you, if only in this one minor way. But remember to always ask a friendly lawyer for advice because you might not live where I live and you probably don’t do what I do. So keep safe, OK? There are some people out there who have nothing better to do than complain. They will take offence for the smallest thing and some love taking you to court. You, on the other hand have better things to do with your time. Right?

” A verbal contract isn’t worth the paper it’s written on.”

Samuel Goldwyn

Did I tell you i cannot guarantee results?

Here’s what happy clients say though

With Ange’s wisdom and support, I have been able to start writing my book this year. It’s both personally and professionally exciting, invigorating and eye opening. I have been wanting to do this for years, but it is only with Ange’s support that I feel I CAN do this. I cannnot recommend Ange highly enough.

Isiah McKimmie | Couple therapist, sex therapist, sexologist and coach

I am thankful for the enormous life changing shift I am experiencing thanks to Ange. I had been unable to write my book but thanks to the course and Ange’s guidance, I have now written well over 50,000 words whereas before meeting her, all I was able to write is poetry.

Felicity Griffin Clark | Artist and energy healer at Counterweave Arts

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