The guidance I give during sessions is given with the caveat that is is your responsibility to implement it but also to use discernment in the implementation and to take full responsiblity for the consequences of making that decision. I cannot be held responsible for how you interpret my advice and how you implement it. 


If during sessions, we touch upon the subject of health, finances or legal matters, I invite you to check with a professional in that field if you have any doubts. I am making the assumption that you are a responsible adult that gets guidance from various professionals but that at the end of it, you rely on your own discernment to go ahead with decisions.

I am not your crutch. I am not here to disempower you. Also, my advice is time bound. It applies to the time where we work together. If you were to apply it six months after we had a session, it might no longer be relevant. Things change all the time. And in our modern society, at a very fast pace. Also, as human beings, we create our own reality as we progress and if we change ourselves, our reality changes too. 


 I also cannot be held responsible if you do not like the guidance that I give you. The fact you do not like or “resonate” with it, doesn’t mean much. I don’t mean to be dismissive but at the same time, it is a very subjective thing. You could be going to your dentist, and he or she advises you to have a tooth pulled out. Just because you don’t like it or resonate with it, does not mean that they have not advised you to the best of their expertise. Once the advice is given, your life is still in your hands.

I do not work with people under the age of 18, so it is reasonable for me to assume that you are an adult. Also, I expect you to inform me if you have any mental health issues that are likely to affect the work that we do together. If so, I also would recommend you check with your health provider if meditation is suitable for you. 

Thank you for reading this disclaimer. I know this probably felt unpleasant. Boundaries are often unpleasant things but believe me, they are healthy and important for both you and me. 


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