Why you should connect to the energy of your book

I made a lot of mistakes as an author over my twenty year career. One of the mistakes I regret the most was not to connect to the energy of my book before starting to write it. I forgive myself for that mistake because this is not something that is taught in writing...

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Advice to my younger self

Shrek is one of my favourite films. And in Shrek 2, Shrek and Fiona take a long journey to Far Far Away so that Fiona can introduce her husband to her parents, which doesn’t go too well. During their trip to Far Far Away, Donkey, who is annoying as hell, keeps on...

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How to choose between traditional publishing and self publishing?

This is an essential question that depends on various factors that vary from person to person and even book to book for the same author. It is a question that you must ask yourself early on in the writing process, but not until you finish your first draft. There is a...

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Five reasons why you should write your book right now

Let’s face it, writing a book is rarely on our priority list, unless you are a professional author and you have a hundred books. But you, my dear, are not that serial author. You may have more than one book in you but you don’t see yourself as an author. You are an...

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About Me

After fifteen years as a corporate lawyer, I branched out and trained as a clinical hypnotherapist and a reiki master. I published my first book in 2009 and now coach female entrepreneurs to help them write their inspirational books.

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