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I was terrible at writing in school…

I was born in Paris in the mid sixties and my parents despaired so much about my French, they hired a private tutor. My forte was maths and physics, not writing. It all changed in 1995, when I witnessed one of my best friends becoming a drug addict. She dived into hell, took me along with her on the ride and I felt compelled to share the story, as a novel, in French, my native language. I pitched it to French publishers after publishers and received letter of rejection after letter of rejection. As my confidence as a writer was very low, I gave up and entered a ten year writer’s block. And I honestly thought this was the end of it. I had a very successful career as a business lawyer traveling the world, two beautiful children. The book did not matter so much. 

Fast forward ten years and I trained as a clinical hypnotherapist. Then as a medium. I had no idea these would be crucial in my journey as an author, but within a year, I had written a 100,000 word non fiction book, in English. By then, I lived in England which is my new home. My training as a clinical hypnotherapist opened the floodgates of my writing again but there was something different. I wrote with ease whereas before, writing was an effort. It took me another couple of years to realise why. Back in France, I was writing with my head. In England, I started writing with my heart.

I have written and published two books since, a non fiction book and a memoir, signed up an agent and coached others into writing their inspirational books. Something that was not even on my radar back in my lawyer’s days.

Maybe you don’t feel confident about writing your book either

Perhaps you have started writing a book but stopped before you finished. Maybe you finished but it was a right mess. Or, you haven’t even started because every time you try, your inner critic comes lashing out at you with words such as “Who do you think you are?” or “You will never finish it so why bother starting.” or “No one will want to read your book”.

But your book has been nudging you. It won’t leave you alone. Everyone keeps on saying that you should be writing a book. And you really want to. If only you oknew where to start.

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you”

Maya Angelou

Writing a book is 50% mindset. All authors, even the most experienced ones, experience doubt. I can give you the tools to overcome all your doubts and fears.

The other 50% is inspiration. I can help with that too. I can connect to the energy of your book and “download” what it is about. I can take all the guess work out of the process.

Then comes my experience as an author. I have written inspirational non fiction, memoir and fiction. Three very different genres so if your book is in these genres, I am your girl.

I can also help you use your book to leverage your business. I can help you use your book to boost your business LONG BEFORE it is finished. I work with law of attraction principles and can work on your money mindset along the way too. Plus we will strategise your book as part of your business growth. Your book will open doors to podcasts, conferences and other speaking opportunities.

Together, we will define the best publishing strategy for your book based on you, your business and the topic of your book.

What surprises most of my clients, however, is how writing their books had helped them work on their  mindset. Writing a book is an incredible opportunity for growth and expansion. You will deepen your knowledge on a subject and sometimes acknowledge for the first time how much you know.

You don’t need to know EVERYTHING about a subject and to have been in business for thirty years  to write a book.




With Ange’s wisdom and support, I have been able to start writing my book this year. It’s both personally and professionally exciting, invigorating and eye opening. I have been wanting to do this for years, but it is only with Ange’s support that I feel I CAN do this. I cannnot recommend Ange highly enough. Isiah McKimmie | Couple therapist, sex therapist, sexologist and coach

I am thankful for the enormous life changing shift I am experiencing thanks to Ange. I had been unable to write my book but thanks to the course and Ange’s guidance, I have now written well over 50,000 words whereas before meeting her, all I was able to write is poetry. Felicity Griffin Clark | Artist and energy healer at Counterweave Arts

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